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ez mini band glute bridge:

An exercise that is appropriate for all fitness levels, the ez mini band glute bridge is a wonderful exercise that recruits the posterior chain into action. The glute and hamstring complexes work hard to force abduction and extension at the hip. This exercise can be used as an activator for more complex exercises to come, or as a standalone that can challenge any fitness level.

ez mini band lateral movement (Monster Walk):

More commonly referred to as the Monster Walk, this frontal plane movement puts us into a “power position” prepping the body for athletic movements to come. Activate and work the glute complex by stepping out laterally for just a single rep, alternating directions each time, a few reps, or covering some serious yardage with multiple reps in the same direction.

ez mini band clam:

A great exercise for beginners and self-proclaimed weekend warriors alike, the ez mini band clam is often used in a physical therapy setting to help strengthen and recruit the muscles of the glute complex. The exercise can also be used within a superset as an ancillary exercise, being paired with a more compound movement like the deadlift, squat, or lunge.

ez mini band hip abduction:

A sneaky little exercise that can be surprisingly taxing on the leg that is anchored into the ground. Being an intermediate exercise, be sure you are able to balance on one foot and have the ability to apply force through the ground before attempting the ez mini band hip abduction.

ez mini band power jump:

Want to be more explosive? Are you an athlete that wants to jump higher? Or, maybe you are a weekend warrior that is looking to show your coworkers who the baddest mother f’er is in the office! Try this exercise on for size to help improve your overall power and illicit more glute recruitment when jumping.

ez mini band pallof press:

Tired of sit-ups and more traditional core work? Mix up the ab routine with this exercise. An anti-rotation exercise that is appropriate for all fitness levels, the ez mini band pallof press challenges the entire system to create stability as outside forces are applied to the body by linking multiple bands together and anchoring the band system to a stationary object.

ez mini band hip adduction:

The adductors located on the inside of the thigh are often overlooked by many, yet they play a huge roll in hip movement and stabilization. The ez mini band hip adduction with a backward lunge strengthens and recruits these inner thigh muscles, creating hip stability and prepping your body for more dynamic movement to come.

ez mini band side plank:

An exercise designed to challenge even the fittest users, the ez mini band side plank works the shoulder and hip complexes while adding stress to the core muscles. If you’re feeling tough, grab the black high resistance ez mini band, and attempt to hold the side plank isometrically for one minute. I double-dog dare you.

ez mini band hip thruster:

By linking multiple ez mini bands together, and anchoring the band system to a stationary object, we are able to expand the exercise library to include the ez mini band hip thrusters. Designed to help teach us the hip hinge, an important movement pattern for everyday life and athletics. This wonderful exercise can reinforce healthy movement while strengthening the hamstrings and glutes via hip extension.

ez mini band wall clam:

Stepping up the intensity when compared to a traditional clam exercise, the ez mini band wall clam is a challenging exercise that may surprise even the fittest athletes. The exercise quickly and efficiently strengthens and recruits the glute complex, leaving you with that familiar residual “burn” that we have all come to love and hate.

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