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We are a U.S.-based company comprised of retired college athletes, weekend warriors, industry experts, athletic coaches, and entrepreneurs that design products to drive your fitness. The foundation of our company is based on the “do good” and “be good” principles: make good products, be good to the environment, be good to others, and use our success as a catalyst to do good throughout this beautiful country.

where the story begins:

The simple yet revolutionary ez mini band design was born out of frustration, and a trainer’s desire to solve an existing problem. That trainer was me! Hi, my name is Matt Mosebar and I am a Personal Trainer, Performance Coach, and retired collegiate athlete.

It was quite literally a light bulb moment after I impatiently observed countless clients struggle to use traditional elastic bands for exercise. It was like watching a bad “gym fail” viral video: tripping, unwanted hair removal, bands getting tangled in athletic pants, catastrophic band breakage...it had it all! The struggle was real and after watching the soap opera unfold in front of me for the 100th time, I decided to create something better.

Enter stage left: The ez mini band, offering easy on/off for quick transitions and a fully adjustable band system with comfortable nonslip anti-roll-up fabric. No more with this insanity! My clients (and YOU) finally have a better option. We know you'll love it just as much as we do!

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